More details revealed for Chuck Palahniuk’s 2015 short story collection MAKE SOMETHING UP.


Earlier this year, we revealed details on Chuck’s 2015 book, which would actually be a new collection of short stories called Make Something Up. Today, Doubleday feeds us some new details!

Doubleday announced today that Chuck Palahniuk’s first short story collection, MAKE SOMETHING UP: Stories You Can’t Unread, will be published on April 7, 2015, in conjunction with the release of the 10-issue FIGHT CLUB 2 graphic novel series by Dark Horse Comics.   

A compilation of 21 stories and 1 novella (some previously published, some not), MAKE SOMETHING UP will both disturb and delight.  Fans will be excited to know that the story “Excursion” is a precursor to FIGHT CLUB and will show Tyler Durden as you’ve never seen him before. 

In MAKE SOMETHING UP, both the absurdity of both life and death are on full display; in “Zombies,” the best and brightest of a high school prep school become tragically addicted to the latest drug craze: electric shocks from cardiac defibrillators. In “Knock, Knock,” a son hopes to tell one last off-color joke to a father in his final moments, while in “Tunnel of Love,” a massage therapist runs the curious practice of providing ‘relief’ to dying clients.  Funny, caustic, bizarre, poignant; these stories represent everything readers have come to love and expect from Chuck Palahniuk.

Yep, you read that right. Chuck is also writing a sort of prologue to Fight Club. Also exciting that this collection comes out the same week as issue 1 of Dark Horse Comic’s Fight Club 2maxiseries. Between this news, and all the events and announcements happening at Comic-Con this week, it’s a good time to be a Chuck Palahniuk fan!

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